İTAKO Takograf (M-12)

−  Eligibility for TSE Criteria.

Highway and divided road button

Driver can select the appropriate Speed Limit by pressing the button when to go where speed limits are different  from the normal way like highway and divided road. In this situation, each press of the button at the bottom left of the screen divided or highway symbol appears and allows traveling the path chosen speed limit. After the selection of the speed limit and traveling for coming back to’ normal’ way situation pressing the key once is enough. In this case, the symbol will not appear on the screen and speed ​​limit is set normally.


There are two types of precision resettable odometer and non-resettable odometer and displayed on the screen if desired. Precise resettable odometer makes measurements in meters.


By means of real time clock, records are kept hour, day, month and year. Period of use of the vehicle is recorded on the driver's identity.

Summer / Winter Time

Summer / winter time conversions automatically.

Data protection

Vehicle path information without the need for any intervention saved automatically.


It is thermal and runs faster and quieter.

Paper exchange

Paper replacement from the front is very easy.


Records can be taken from Printer as Graph Report or Normal Report


Vehicle information and reports can be easily accessed with the help of 11 keys.


With setting cards only Alberen dealers.


Program is update with an apparatus specially designed by ALBEREN.

İnput voltage

12-24 VCD

Nominal current

200 mA

Standby current

105 mA

Write current



 Mikes Testing Partners, Germany


TSEK, EN 60068-2-1 EN 60068-2-2, EN 60068-2-6 7637-1 level IV, ISO 7637-3 level IV / EN 61000-4-2, EN 6100-4-3 / EN 50022


02.09.2004-25571 Road traffic regulations # 98 substance

Operating temperature

 -25 ̊ C ̴  +70  ̊C

Speed measurement error

 2 km/h

Distance measurement error

 %0.2 (max)


 58 mm. thermal

Printer paper

58 mm × 12.5 mt roll 


Electronic, magnetic


 565 gr

The parameters can be changed

Caliber, vehicle owner information, license plate, speed limited ( normal-highway), time/date


170×55×98 mm

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